In Victorian times, galleries were the cultural hubs of proper society, and exhibitions would showcase the ingenuity and inventiveness of the period. The Clockwork Alchemy Artists’ Gallery and Exhibition is a place to see and experience the art of Steampunk with minimal distraction.

Custom built displays and controlled lighting showcase the exhibited art. Our inventors and artists are often available to explain and demonstrate the wonders of their making. Please visit our gallery to personally experience the art and science of Steampunk!

The Dr. became the Art Director for the Artist's Gallery in 2016 and continues to scour the world for new art and artists and makes his own additions to the Gallery each year. The display tables, lighting systems and many other items you will see here are the invention of and constructed by the Dr. himself along with all the large event signs (with real moving gears!) seen throughout the entire event.

Here are videos of the Gallery on YouTube for the following years: 2016 and 2017.

To join our Gallery at next year's Clockwork Alchemy, See the official Gallery web page by going to this link.

Artists Gallery 2019

A review of the art at CA 2019 on the excellent website, Steampunk Explorer:

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