The Dr. became the Art Director for the Gallery at Clockwork Alchemy in 2016 and continues to scour the world for new art to display each year. The display tables you see here are the invention of and constructed by the Dr. himself. They are seen here in a not-totally paint-completed state due to the constraints of time for the 2016 show.
Click on the dates to see videos of the 2016 and 2017 Galleries on YouTube.

img_9284_small.jpg img_9285_small.jpg img_9286_small.jpg img_9287_small.jpg img_9291_small.jpg
img_9294_small.jpg img_9295_small.jpg img_9310_small.jpg img_9311_small.jpg img_9312_small.jpg
img_9315_small.jpg img_9316_small.jpg sam_2425_small.jpg sam_2426_small.jpg sam_2427_small.jpg
sam_2429_small.jpg sam_2430_small.jpg sam_2433_small.jpg sam_2442_small.jpg sam_2444_small.jpg
sam_2446_small.jpg sam_2452_small.jpg sam_2453_small.jpg sam_2454_small.jpg sam_2480_small.jpg
sam_2539_small.jpg sam_2540_small.jpg sam_2663_small.jpg sam_2681_small.jpg sam_2684_small.jpg

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