This is the LOPV Villain Lair I constructed for our events. All construction of The Lair was done by Dr Blackheart with lots of painting help by Rose Teathyme and friends. The artifacts were constructed by the Dr. and his allies.

img_2336_small.jpg img_2341_small.jpg img_2342_small.jpg img_2343_small.jpg img_2350_small.jpg
img_2351_small.jpg img_8577_small.jpg img_8584_small.jpg img_8589_small.jpg img_8601_small.jpg
img_8603_small.jpg img_8605_small.jpg img_8664_small.jpg img_8676_small.jpg img_9279_small.jpg
img_9296_small.jpg img_9313_small.jpg img_9314_small.jpg sam_2531_small.jpg sam_2532_small.jpg
sam_2535_small.jpg sam_2721_small.jpg sam_2738_small.jpg sam_2893_small.jpg

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